Welcome to the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association ~ 

OKOTA can now provide MORE members-only benefits & MORE public resources including:  FREE access to job posts at our Career Center page, special MEMBERS section, & current calendar of statewide events available here at your convenience!  

OKOTA advocates for Occupational Therapy in Oklahoma - JOIN US TODAY and stay informed of policy changes: affecting client access to services, regulatory changes to how we practice, supervision & billing ethics, plus the constant changes to national and state legislation which affect our profession!

2017 April Capitol Day OKC


WELCOME New Board Members:
Ryan Jackson Sims (I.T. Chair)  Tara Warwick (Legislative Chair)  Marlene Snow (Cont. Ed. Chair)

The Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association accomplishes its goals through the dedicated volunteers on the OKOTA board. Executive Officers are elected in the spring, and committee chair roles are appointed as needed by the board. At this time, we are looking for volunteers to join all committees, and some chairperson positions are open:
COMMUNITY AWARENESS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON (2 committee members - organizes calendar of events promoting OT careers & OKOTA) 
CONFERENCE COMMITTEE Co-Chair (assists in planning 2018 event, marketing/ budget/ recruiting sponsors/ scheduling speakers, etc) 
*NOW needing volunteers:   membership, 2018 Conference, development, & awards committees 
If you are interested in learning more about a leadership role with voting privileges, CEU benefits, and amazing networking opportunities, please contact  Sarah VanAlstine, OKOTA president, 405-259-5575 or email: OKOTApresident@gmail.com 

Curious about the benefits for volunteer board members? Interested in the current mission and advocacy efforts of the association? Join us at our next meeting March 15 - (OKC or Tulsa simulcast) - open to all OKOTA members. Email or call our office (405) 205-3942, to request a discussion item be added to the meeting agenda.
Click HERE to see Executive Board information



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