OKOTA Board: Executive Officers & Committee Chairpersons

*Current through July 1, 2017. Members voting period ends July 15th - for an email ballot, contact: OKOTAadmAssistant@gmail.com

To learn more about the benefits of serving on the board, volunteer with a committee, or apply to fill available positions (committee chairperson) - email the corresponding board member or contact the by-laws committee for copy of the policy&procedures descriptions of the board duties. We are honored to serve our state professional association and the mission of the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association!

President   -    Liz Hylton

Email: okotapresident@gmail.com

Vice President   -   Sarah VanAlstine

Email: okotaVP@gmail.com

Secretary   -    Amber Smith

Email: OKOTAsecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer   -    Nicole Paynter

Email: OKOTAtreasurer@gmail.com

Director-At-Large   -   Carrie Ciro

Email: okotaDAL1@gmail.com

Director-At-Large   -  Susan Tucker

Email: okotaDAL2@gmail.com

Student Representative   -   Megan Wink

Email:  okotaStudentREP@gmail.com

OTA Representative   -    Laura Labus

Email:  okotaOTArep@gmail.com

AOTA Representative   -    Jessica Tsotsoros

Email: okotaAOTARep@gmail.com

By-Laws Committee    Chair - Talitha Glosemeyer Samsel    ​okotabylaws@gmail.com

IT Committee
--ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS-- (updates social media, calendar events online, works with Membership and Continuing Ed chairs, etc) okotaITchair@gmail.com

Membership Committee  Chair - Penny Stack    okotamemberchair@gmail.com

Development Committee   Chair - Linda Cooper


Community Awareness Committee  Chair - ​Marlene Snow okotaCommunityAwareness@gmail.com

Legislative and Reimbursement  Chair - Sara Kaufman  okotalegislative@gmail.com

Continuing Education Committee   Chair -  Troy Lee OKOTAcontinuingeducation@gmail.com

Annual Conference Committee   Chair -  Sarah VanAlstine  OKOTAvp@gmail.com

Awards & Recognitions Committee   Chair -   Paula Lewis     OKOTAawards@gmail.com